Stanley Haroun
Mission Statement and Policy Manual
Peak performance and accreditation - 2003
Corporate Services
Professional and support staff
Psychological counselling


Psychological Counselling and Mental Health Services

A wide variety of psycho-social counselling, psychotherapy and assessment is provided by highly qualified and registered professionals in psychology, social work, addictions and family and marital therapy

Areas of practice

  • Individual, marital and couple, family and group psychotherapy
  • Psychological assessment and personality profile
  • Therapy for anxiety, phobias, stress, depression and anger control
  • Divorce mediation and adjustment
  • Alcohol and other drug addiction and counselling
  • Adolescent/child/ parent relationship
  • Middle life and retirement adjustment
  • Career assessment and career counselling
  • Vocational assessment and competency evaluation
  • Other services as required

Group psychotherapy

The provision of various treatments in a group psychotherapy format, allows for group interaction and group support to enhance the therapeutic intervention, under the leadership of a trained therapist