Stanley Haroun
Mission Statement and Policy Manual
Peak performance and accreditation - 2003
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Disability Management

At Stanley Haroun Counselling Inc. we manage care and control cost of disability of your company’s employees. We facilitate:

  • Expeditious medical treatment recovery
  • Faster return to work

Medical treatment coordination (MTC)

A pro-active approach to coordinate medical treatment and to monitor the cost of health care and rehabilitation services through the application of systematic care management:

  • Assessment of various medical reports with health care providers
  • Clarification of diagnosis, prognosis and the treatment process with treating physicians
  • Adherence to medically acceptable recovery duration
  • Establishment of a return to work date with treating physicians
  • Promotion of a timely recovery concept
  • Claimant focused close medical follow-up

Vocational services, Return to Work Programs (RTW)

Decrease the length and cost of disability by providing early vocational rehabilitation intervention to facilitate claimants’ return to competitive employment in the shortest possible duration.

The comprehensive vocational rehabilitation and career development programs explained in a previous page will apply.