Stanley Haroun
Mission Statement and Policy Manual
Peak performance and accreditation - 2003
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Specially Designed Interprovincial Programs

The following programs are designed specifically to meet the needs of the client organizations. These programs, have been, or are being delivered by our firm to various government and non- government organizations:

  • Moving ahead, job preparation and placement program.
  • Back on track, vocational rehabilitation program.
  • Executive career transition.
  • Integrated occupational training.
  • Career transitions program.
  • Independent assessment and case management.
  • Career warehouse.
  • Integrated services for persons with disabilities.
  • College partnership programs.
  • Psychosocial treatment program for individuals suffering from stress
  • Occupational rehabilitation program III (OR3) for WCB workers.
  • Team building program.
  • Career planning and career development programs.
  • Psychological counselling program for individuals with mental health issues preventing integration into the work force.